Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pictures from the James Mulvaney Family

Maureen Mulvaney, a cousin of ours who I met via ancestry.com (gotta love the internet!) recently sent me a number of pictures and family documents from her branch of the Mulvaney family. (She's a grand-daughter of James, Nana's older brother.) We'll start with the identifiable pictures in this post, and then move on to our mystery pictures, hoping against hope that someone might have a clue as to who these people are.

This is a picture of Joan and Florence Mulvaney, the two daughters of James and Florence Mulvaney. Picture dated August, 1936. According to census records, Joan was born around 1927 and Florence around 1929, so they'd be approximately 9 and 7.

This is Donald, Joan, and Florence with their parents James and Florence. Also dated August, 1936. Donald was born around 1925, so he should be about 11.

This picture appears to have been taken on the same day as the first two of these pictures, but it ended up with their branch of the family, while the other two pictures of that day ended up with ours. Betty and John did the IDing, since Maureen and I weren't sure. I looked at it, and thought that the man on the far right looked like Papa, but dismissed the thought. Wrong side of the family. Except that this is a picture of Julia with her children-in-law, so it is, in fact, Papa. With Julia in the polka-dotted dress, the others are, from left to right, Steve Kessell (husband of Grace), Florence Mulvaney (wife of James), Elizabeth Mulvaney (wife of Thomas), and John Daniels (wife of Auntie Mae).

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