Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wedding Picture!

I'd had a bad copy of this for years, but Betty and John just sent me a much nicer image, with much more complete identification of the subjects. It was taken at the wedding dinner of Gerard Mulcahy and Ann Danaher, June 13, 1937, at the Hotel St. George (which is the same place that Nan and Pop would later have their wedding reception, in the 1950s. Interestingly, the photography studio is also the same - Knickerbocker Photo.)

Nana and Papa (Veronica Mulvaney Mulcahy and Joseph Mulcahy are seated at the "head" of the table, center and center-left as you look at the photograph. To the right of them: Margaret (Mulcahy) and Hugh Hennessy; Mary (Mulcahy) and Tony Boles; Loretta (Kelly) and John Mulcahy; the bride and groom, Ann (Danaher) and Gerard Mulcahy; one of Ann's sisters. Standing behind the bride and groom are another of Ann's sisters and her husband. Going in the other direction, starting from the Nana's left, are Vincent and Alice (Fox) Mulcahy; Catherine (Foley) and Matthew Mulcahy; Masie (Dardell) and Michael Mulcahy; and then three of Ann's cousins. The only Mulcahy sibling not present is James.

And tell me, don't you just love the layout of the ferns on the tablecloth? So simple and elegant!
(Wedding talk? I must be channeling Michelle.)

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