Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Slightly Less Confusing Quinn Family in 1910

By 1910, the Quinns have moved from 332 Bergen St. to 1498 Fulton St. Hugh J. and Mary are now listed as 40, having aged only 7 years in the past 10. They've been married 17 years - that's the same, and gives a wedding date of around 1893, so they were presumably married in the United States, not Ireland. Mary has given birth to 5 children, all still living. They are listed as Nora A. (might Agnes have been her middle name?), 15; Mary J., 13; Helen, 10; Martin J., 8; and Terence, 5.

Hugh now says he immigrated in 1885, though that's really not too far off of the 1886 he said ten years ago. Mary's immigration date is still 1887. Hugh is an Engineer in the industry "Building" and Nora/Agnes works as a Saleslady in a department store.

Also part of the household are Hugh O'Donnell, listed as Hugh's nephew, and Thomas Keane, listed as a boarder. According to Uncle Jack, Hugh O'Donnell was a cousin, a descendant of Martin Gillen, who was born and died in Ireland, living 104 years, from 1825 to 1929. Hugh O'Donnell immigrated in 1906 and has filed his Declaration of Intent to become a citizen (indicated as "Pa," for "First Papers," on the census). Thomas Keane immigrated in 1909 and is an alien. Hugh O'Donnell is working as a Motorman on a Streetcar, while Thomas Keane is a Bartender at a Liquor Saloon.

And that, folks, is the last census record you'll see of the Quinns, except for Molly of course being married to JJ in the 1930 Census. I know that Hugh dies in 1914, but I simply cannot find the rest of the family in 1920, or anyone but Molly in 1930.

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