Thursday, June 11, 2009

January 13, 1914 - Hugh Quinn's Death Certificate

State of New York
Department of Health of the City of New York
Bureau of Records
Standard Certificate of Death
Registered No. 1053
1. Place of Death
Borough of Brooklyn
No. 1450 Fulton St.
Character of premises: tenement
2. Full Name Hugh James Quinn
3. Sex Male
4. Color or Race White
5. Single, Married, Widowed, or Divorced: married
6. Date of birth unknown
7. Age 46 years
8. Occupation
a. trade, profession, or particular kind of work: engineer
b. industry office building
9. Birthplace Ireland
How long in US? 28 yrs
How long resident in City of New York? 28 yrs
10. Name of Father Hugh Quinn
11. Birthplace of Father Ireland
12. Maiden Name of Mother Bridget Chambers
13. Birthplace of Mother Ireland
15. Date of death January 13, 1914
16. I hereby certify that the foregoing particulars (Nos. 1 to 14 inclusive) are correct as near as can be ascertained, and I further certify that I attended the deceased from Sept 1 1913 to January 13 1914, that I last saw him alive on the 11 day of January 1914, that death occurred on the date stated above at 2 PM, and that the cause of death was as follows: Tabes dorsalis, duration: 3 yrs
Contributory: Acute pulmonary congestion
Witness my hand this 14 day of Jan, 1914
Signature: Alfred W. White, MD
Address 360 Halsey St.
17. Place of Burial Holy Cross Cemetary
Date of Burial Jan 15, 1914
18. Undertaker [illegible]
Address [illegible]

The above is a transcription of Hugh James Quinn's death certificate. (There's also a stamp on the back saying his wife Mary Quinn released the body to the undertakers.) The address given is 1450 Fulton St., which would have been just down the block from where the Quinns were living 4 years earlier, in 1910.

His parents are listed as Hugh Quinn and Bridget Chambers, which conflicts with the information that Uncle Jack gave me, saying that Hugh's parents were William Quinn and Margaret McCandles. According to that, which he took from a birth certificate, Hugh was born February 25, 1868, in Moyarget Upper, Ramoan, Ballycastle, County Antrim (Northern Ireland). That birth date fits just about exactly with the age given here, so I'm not inclined to doubt it.

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