Monday, June 8, 2009

Revealing 1892 NYS Census Record

Another 1892 NYS Census record, this one of the Loughlins. Thomas P. is 56 and Elizabeth is 34 (he's 22 years her senior!). They have four children - Thomas, 11; John E., 8; William, 6; and Michael, 5 m. Michael is a new name to me, and I wonder if he died young, before the 1900 census was taken. Thomas Loughlin looks like he was a "ship calker" (caulker?), and he was born in Ireland, while his wife and children were all born in Brooklyn. Significant is the name listed next, after Michael's. The 1892 Census isn't divided into households, but I imagine that this Loughlin household includes the Mary Tonner listed just after them. This is almost certainly Elizabeth's mother Mary Cullen Toner. If the baptismal date we have for her is correct, she should be about 75, not the 69 she lists, and of course their name was spelled with 1 'n', but I'm sure this is her.

It appears that Richard had died prior to 1892, thus Mary living with her children without him. We also learn that Mary was still alive in 1892. Interestingly, she no longer has her own household, but is living with her children, despite having at least one daughter still unmarried, Julia. I have no idea where Julia is, but hope to find her as I continue looking through these unidexed records. I wouldn't be surprised to find her living with one of her other sister, Mary Toner Murphy [we think] or Louise Toner Deegan. I still have never seen records of her before 1900, so I'd really like to find Julia in this census.

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