Someone else's ancestors

Every family historian eventually accumulates bits of the history of other peoples' families. I'm publishing some of them here, in hopes that someone who's looking for them can find them, and maybe skip a few steps, like poring over indices and paying a fortune to the Social Security Administration. Information recorded below is extracted to the best of my ability to read the handwriting; some are easier than others. If you're looking for someone whose last name starts with 'T' who died in Brooklyn in August of 1874, I would encourage you to click on the images below, not to rely on my reading thereof.

1. Certificate of Death: Richard Jones, d. 14 Jan 1886, Brooklyn, New York
Richard Jones, Death Certificate

Richard Jones, Death Certificate
Name: Richard Jones
Birthplace: England
Age: 57 years
Date of Death: 14 January 1886
Place of Death: Brooklyn Hospital
Place of Burial: National 
Funeral: Park Ave. Church

 2. Social Security Application, Antoinette Rose Donorio Walsh
Antoinette Rose Donorio, Social Security Application
Name: Antoinette Rose Donorio
Birthdate: 9 June 1926
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

3. Death Ledger, Brooklyn NY, T, August 6-19, 1874

  Date           Name                                  Age        Birth-place       Place of Death/Ward        
1. Aug. 5     Thronston, Ann                 60y            Ireland                 Steuben [illegible]/7             
2. Aug. 6     Trixell, A. Grace               9m                                         74 Elliot Place/11               
3. Aug. 6     Tais, Erma                      9m, 5d             U.S.                   7 Seigel/16                          
4. Aug. 6     Thomp, SBMargaret     76y,6m,27d         U.S.                254 Pearl/4                          
5. Aug. 7     Tarpler, John                     47y             Ireland                28 Bergen/10                       
6. Aug. 8     Tulley, G. John         38y,1m,24d        Ireland               528 Pacific/3                       
7. Aug. 8     Tapken, T. Geo.               7m                U.S.                 157 Franklin/17
8. Aug. 8     Tuidle, E Lavinia       27y,3m,10d        U.S.                 172 Franklin/7
9. Aug. 8     Trumbull, Female             4h                  U.S.                305 Clinton/6
10. Aug 9    Tilus, E Henrietta         2m,21d             U.S.                 162 Fifth/13
11. Aug 10  Thompson, M Mary         40y                U.S.                180 Conselyea/16
12. Aug 12  Tuttle, Mary                     16d                U.S.                        Schenck/7
13. Aug 12  Torsina, Salvadore           48y               Sicily                115 Union/15
14. Aug 13  Tierney, Jo Thos           20min               U.S.                 Baxter & 17th/22
15. Aug 14  Toner, Judith                    89y             Ireland                  87 Verona/12
16. Aug 16  Trener, Frederick             55y             Germany                     Wyckoff/18
17. Aug 19  Thompson, E Bella          35d                U.S.                  129 Navy/5

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