Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We've got an actress in the family!

From the March 23, 1913 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle is the listing of a performance of All the Comforts of Home

Tho dramatic society connected with
the Roman Catholic Church of St. Bern-
ard, Hicks and Rapalyea streets, of which
the Rev. James King is rector, will produce
"All the Comforts of Home," in
Prospect Hall, on Tuesday evening, April
22. The play will he staged under the
direction of Joseph Collins. The cast will
include: James Dilberger, Al Collins,
August A. Rickert. Loretta Madigan, Mrs.
Joseph Donovan, Frank Rickert, Joseph
Nevins, Michael Galvin, Mary Gibbons,
Joseph J. Rickert, Frank Frischman, Anna
Rickert, Amelia Hertzman, Adam Wurmer,
James Hertzman, and George Kessler.

All the Comforts of Home, it appears, was a play written by William Gillette and first produced in 1890.

We see Loretta Madigan, who would have been about 25 years old, is a cast member. What interests me even more is that the cast also includes several members of the Rickert family. While our family information tells us that Loretta Madigan married Joseph Rickett, I recently looked in the Italiangen.org marraige index to see if I could find Loretta.

The index has a Loretta A. Madigan marrying a Joseph J. Rickert on April 20, 1915.

I thought it might have been mistranscribed, but this has me thinking otherwise. I'd imagine our source was mistaken, and Loretta married the Joseph J. Rickert she may have met in the church play.

How cute!

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