Monday, June 15, 2009

New Madigan children

On the left-hand column of the right-hand page of this 1892 NYS Census record, we find the Madigans. Mary Ann Madigan Mulcahy isn't there; she's already been married to Michael Mulcahy for about 4 years. I expect to encounter them shortly. However, we find lots of new information. One of the later census records of Johanna and Loretta Madigan showed that Johanna had given birth to 4 children, 3 of whom were no longer living. Today, we meet two of them.

The family is listed as parents Matthew Madigan, 51, a "cartman," and Johanna Madigan, 31. From his first marriage (we know this, though it's not evident on the record) are children Margaret Madigan, 19, and James Madigan, 21. From this second marriage are listed three children, Loretta and two others. Loretta is 4, Matthew (Jr.) is 2, and Josephine is 1.

I've encountered clues - that I'm looking to verify - that Matthew Madigan died in early 1893. If the information that Johanna had given birth to 4 children is accurate, either they've already lost 1 child, or she is currently pregnant - or about to be - with their last child.

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