Saturday, June 6, 2009

William Toner driving a cab?

So there I was on the Brooklyn Eagle, as I often am, searching various names and combinations of names and addresses to see if I come up with anything relevant, and I searched for William Toner, Julia's brother. William's not an unusual name, and neither is Toner, so I was not at all certain that any of the 3 results I got would be him. One was this, from February 24, 1889:

There's nothing in particular that makes me think that that it's our William Toner, until the very end. "The cab is the property of Mr. Murphy. . ." Now, Murphy's an even more common name, but it is the case that our William Toner had a brother-in-law [I think] named Thomas Murphy. Probably just a coincidence, but maybe something to think about.

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