Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meet the Roches!

Here is Johanna Roche Madigan, age 20, living with her parents and siblings in 1880. Her parents are Michael and Bridget, age 44, both Irish-born. Michael doesn't have a job. Johanna, 20, is a seamstress, and her brother Michael, 18, is a stone-cutter. The two youngest siblings, John and Mary, and 12 and 10, and both are at school.

530 Clinton St. is literally directly around the corner from 85 Luqueer St.

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Johanna may have known the Madigans well before she married Matthew. She probably wasn't young enough to have been friends with Mary and Margaret, but she's definitely closer in age to her step-daughters than to her husband.

Update: It seems I can't get that map to post so that you can actually see the location of both houses, but if hit the "-" button to zoom out just once, you can get a good idea of the distance between the two.

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