Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1930 Census - James and Florence Mulvaney at 4-46 57th St., Queens

This is the 1930 Census of James Mulvaney's family in Queens. James is 36 and was married at 28; Florence is 34 and was married at 26. Donald is 5, Joan is 3, and the younger Florence is 8 months old. They have a "roomer" named Joseph Conlon Jr. All were born in NY, although the elder Florence's parents were born in Ireland. (Boarder Joseph was born in PA.) James is a Captain in the NY Fire Department. No one else has a job - not even the boarder! (How, I wonder, was he paying them rent? Might he have been a relative who was not paying rent but was rather living with them during some hard times?) I'm not sure how special schedules work, but Joseph Conlon does not have a line number on the unemployment schedule. The column reads: "Whether actually at work yesterday" and "if not, line on Unemployment Schedule." He doesn't have a job, but also isn't listed as unemployed. Weird.

They own their home, and it appears to be worth $9,850.

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