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Elizabeth Toner Loughlin Renehan, November 5, 1925

State of New York
Department of Health of the The City of New York
Bureau of Records
Standard Certificate of Death

Register No. 20307

1. Place of Death: Bklyn
Name of Institution: St. Peter’s Hosp.

2. Full Name: Elizabeth Loughlin Renehan

3. Sex: Female
4. Color or Race: White
5. Marital Condition: Widowed

6. Date of Birth: [blank]
7. Age: 65 yrs

8. Occupation
Trade, Profession, or Particular kind of work: Housewife
General Nature of Industry: [blank]

9. Birthplace: US
9A. How long in US (if of foreign birth): [blank]
9B. How long resident in City of New York: Life

10. Name of Father: Richard Toner
11. Birthplace of Father: Ireland
12. Maiden Name of Mother: Mary Cullen
13. Birthplace of Mother: Ireland

14. Special information required in deaths in hospitals and institutions and in deaths of non-residents and recent residents: 221 Conover St.

15. Date of Death: Nov. 5, 1925

16. I hereby certify that the foregoing particulars (Nos. 1 to 15 inclusive) are correct as near as the same can be ascertained, and I further certify that deceased was admitted to this institution on Oct. 5, 1925, that I last saw her alive on the 5th day of Nov 1925, that she died on the 5th day of Nov. 1925, about 5:45 o’clock P.M., and that I am unable to state definitely the cause of death; the diagnosis during her last illness was: Pernicious anemia.

Duration: [blank]
Contributory: [blank]

Witness my hand this 5th day of Nov 1925
Signature: J. Pamerantz, M.D.
House Physician

Filed: Nov 6 1925

18. Place of Burial: Calvary Cemetary
Date of Burial: November 9th, 1925
19. Undertaker: Henry J. Flood
Address: 297 Van Brunt St.

To Undertakers

1. No burial permit can be obtained without a proper certificate
2. Certificates must be written throughout in black ink.
3. No certificate will be accepted which is mutilate, illegible, inaccurate, or any portion of which has been erased, interlined, corrected, or altered, as all such changes impair its value as a public record.

I hereby certify that I have been employed as undertaker by Thomas Loughlin, the son of deceased. This statement is made to obtain a permit for the burial or cremation of the remains of deceased Elizabeth Loughlin Renehan.

Signature Henry J. Flood

This is the death certificate of Elizabeth Toner Loughlin Renehan (so far winning the "longest name" contest in our family). She's listed as being 65. Given that she was listed as 55 in 1910, 15 in 1870, and 5 in 1860, she should actually have been about 70. That's not far off. She died of pernicious anemia, which is the result of a B-12 deficiency. The son who signed her body over to the undertaker (Henry J Flood, and I realized where I know that name from: he's the undertaker who buried Patrick) was Thomas Loughlin. This son wasn't on the 1910 census when she was living with second husband Thomas Renehan, kids John and Katherine Loughlin, and nephew Willie Mulvaney. Because he shares his father's name, and had moved out of his mother's home before his younger siblings did, I'm going to take a leap and assume he might be the oldest - though I wouldn't venture to guess whether he was older or younger than Charles Thomas Loughlin, the brother who died at 8 months old in 1876.


Michael said...

My great grandfather was the undertaker, Henry J. Flood. The undertaker who signed this document.

Michael Baumann

Kathleen Scarlett O'Hara Naylor said...

Hi Michael - thanks for stopping by. Many of my family were buried by the Floods - his actual signature probably shows up on a number of death certificates that I have scanned and posted on the blog!