Sunday, April 19, 2009

Papa's WWII Draft Registration

Today, I came across Papa's WWII draft registration card. He did not (to my knowledge) serve during the Second World War, but was apparently still young enough to have to register for the draft. (I haven't come across any WWI draft cards, though there are WWI cards on ancestry. I know he served, and perhaps he enlisted before having a chance to register for the draft? I'm a girl; I don't know how drafts work.)

On the front side of the card, Papa gives his name as Joseph Eugene Mulcahy. His address (home as well as mailing) is 793 East 37th St., Brooklyn, Kings, NY. His phone number is MANS 6-1545. (I love old phone numbers like that!) He says he's 45, and was born September 3, 1896, in B'klyn, NY. For the category "name and address of person who will always know your address," he gives Nana ("Mrs. J.E. Mulcahy (wife)") but lists her address as "same." While accurate, that seems a little. . . ironic? Futile? You've already given your address, and presumably they're asking for the address of someone else who will always know your address in order to be able to locate you if you move. Your wife, however, will likely move with you. His employer's name and address is given as "Police Dept. N.Y. City," and his place of employment is '72" PCT 575-5" Ave. Bklyn Kings NY.'

On the back side of the card, Papa's race is given as white, his height as 5'9", his weight as 200 lbs, his complexion as light, eyes as brown, and hair as brown. A physically identifying feature is a "scar, left shin." Does anyone know where Papa got a scar on his left shin? I'm very curious now!

Papa registered with Local Board 213 on 4/27/1942.

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