Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Julia Toner Mulvaney's Obituary

Not that we're missing information about Julia's death, but I came across this NYTimes obituary for her, published October 11, 1938. I'd found it searching the NYTimes archive the other day, and put buying it (for $3.95!) on my list of things to do, but then I realized I could search for it on Ancestry.com (since I already pay for Ancestry!)

She's listed as the widow of the late Patrick, and the mother of Mrs. Stephen Kessell (that's Aunt Grace), Mrs. John Daniels (that's Auntie Mae), Mrs. Joseph Mulcahy (that's Nana), NYFD Battalion Chief James Mulvaney, and NYFD Lieutenant Thomas Mulvaney.

Her funeral was at St. Anselm, and she was buried at Holy Cross.

Things I learned: Aunt Grace's husband's first name; James's and Tom's NYFD ranks in 1938; where Julia's funeral was.

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