Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maynooth Records

Remember when we found what we think are records of the baptisms of William Toner and Mary Cullen? I went looking for some more records from Maynooth, and here are some of the potentially interesting things I found, at the very helpful Fáilte Romhat, a personal family history site that includes lots of records scanned and/or transcribed:
In this Index of Griffith's Valuation, I found these Toner records of interest:

Toner      William     Kellystown                   Laraghbryan   Kildare
Tonor      Samuel      Tw. Maynooth, Nunnery Lane   Laraghbryan   Kildare
Tonor      William     Tw. Maynooth, Main Street    Laraghbryan   Kildare
Laraghbryan was the civil parish that Maynooth was a part of. We've heard that Richard's father was named William, though here we're not sure whether he was the Toner or Tonor here. Note too, that the other Tonor listed was Samuel; Julia's brothers were William and Samuel. Do you think that means anything?

There are also these records, that I'm interested in based on the other names - both maiden names of women and witnesses - at the weddings and baptisms from the Maynooth sacramental records.

Boland     Patrick     Tw. Maynooth, Back Lane        Laraghbryan   Kildare
Cullen     Michael     Greenfield                     Laraghbryan   Kildare
Cullen     Michael     Moneycooley                    Laraghbryan   Kildare
Hackett    Anne        Tw. Maynooth, Pound Street     Laraghbryan   Kildare
Hackett    John        Tw. Maynooth, Nunnery Lane     Laraghbryan   Kildare
Hackett    Mary        Town of Maynooth               Laraghbryan   Kildare
Walsh      Ellen       Tw. Maynooth, Dublin Road      Laraghbryan   Kildare
Walsh      Joseph      Tw. Maynooth, Leinster St.     Laraghbryan   Kildare
Walsh      Thomas      Blakestown                     Laraghbryan   Kildare
From there, I went here, where you can search and view the actual records of Griffith's Valuation.

The William Tone(o)r's here are one in Kellystown who holds his house, offices, and land directly from the Duke of Leinster as his landlord, and one in Maynooth who holds his lands directly from the Duke, and rents land out, in turn, to John Connor and James Quin(n). Might they be the same William Tonor/Toner? Or do we think there were two families with slightly different names?

If this link works, you'll be able to see a contemporary map of Maynooth, though I'm having trouble figuring out the lot locations and who lived/owned/rented where. I do note that there is a Cushion's Street in Maynooth; I wonder if this is any relation to the Mary Cushion who was Richard's godmother?

I'll see about looking up the rest some time when it's not 1:30 in the morning.

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