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NY Fifth Heavy Artillery

Taken from, here's a Regimental History of the 5th Heavy Artillery, the regiment to which Richard Toner - potentially but not probably our Richard Toner. While he's listed as enlisting at Utica, this history does say that large parts of the recruiting of the recruiting were done in Brooklyn and New York City. What do you think?

Regimental History

New York
Second Regiment Jackson Heavy Artillery.
(Three Years)

Col. Samuel Graham, being so authorized, proceeded to
recruit a regiment of heavy artillery--the 2d Regiment Jackson
Artillery; Col. Edward Murray received authority from the State
in November, 1861, to recruit the Jackson Heavy Artillery.
These two organizations were consolidated March 6, 1862,
Colonel Graham's men forming Companies A, B, C and D, and
Colonel Murray's E, F, G and H of the new regiment, the two
colonels being appointed Colonel and Lieutenant-Colonel,
respectively. The 70th Militia furnished a number of men to
the regiment. The companies were mustered in the service of
the United States for three years, in New York harbor, in
April, 1862. December 31, 1862, the 6th Battalion of
Artillery--3d Battalion of Black River Artillery--was
transferred to the regiment, forming its Companies I, K, L and
M, and thereby completing the regimental organization. These
companies had been mustered in the United States service for
three years; I and K September 11; and L and M September 12,
1862, at Sackett's Harbor. At the expiration of the term of
service of the original eight companies, the men entitled
thereto were discharged, and the companies retained in service.

The companies were recruited principally: A and B at
Brooklyn and New York city; C at New York city, Brooklyn,
Monterey, Big Flats, Valhalla, Catskill, Horseheads, Elmira,
Armonk and Quarrytonville; D at Brooklyn, New York city and
Rondout; E at New York city, Afton and in Ohio; F at New York
city, Liberty, Turin, Fort Edward, and in the counties of
Dutchess and Sullivan; G in New York city and in New Jersey; H
at New York city, Ancram, Poughkeepsie, Fremont Centre and
Liberty, and in New Jersey; I at New Bremen, Martinsburg,
Lowville and Greig; K at Turin, Leyden, Highmarket, Greig and
Theresa; L at Lowville, Watson, Denmark, Martinsburg, Diana and
Montague; and M at Denmark, Harrisburg, Pinckney, Montague,
Champion, Croghan and Wilna.

The eight companies, then organized, served in New York
harbor at Forts Hamilton, Lafayette, Wood, Gibson, Richmond and
Schuyler, from March 11, 1862; at Baltimore, Md., and other
points of the Middle Department, from May 28, 1862. Companies
A and F served at Harper's Ferry, W. Va., from June 19, 1862,
where they were surrendered in September, 1862; they rejoined
the regiment after being paroled, at Baltimore, Md. The 3d
Battalion served in the defenses of Washington north, and later
south, of the Potomac, 22d Corps, from December, 1862, and at
Harper's Ferry, W. Va., from November 24, 1863; the 1st and 2d
Battalions were also ordered to Harper's Ferry, 8th Corps,
April 19, 1864. The 1st Battalion, Companies A, B, C and D,
served with the 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Army of West
Virginia, 8th Corps, in the field from May, 1864; it was
relieved by the 2d Battalion, July 29, 1864, and returned to
Harper's Ferry. The 2d Battalion, Companies E, F, G and H,
served in the field in the 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Army of
West Virginia, until October 28, 1864, when it returned to
Harper's Ferry. The regiment served as infantry and heavy

June 24 and 25, 1865, Companies I, K, L and M were
mustered out at Harper's Ferry, but at once reorganized of men
transferred from Companies A, B, C and D, and July 19, 1865,
the regiment, commanded by Colonel Graham, was honorably
discharged and mustered out at Harper's Ferry, W. Va.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 2

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