Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who's Nora O'Donnell Loftus?

In the Saturday, June 3, 1916 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, via Fulton History, it's listed that a marriage license was granted to a (this is difficult to read) James Loftus, 25, of 151 Baltic St., and a Nora O'Donnell, 24, of 1450 Fulton St. This is the address that the Quinn family were living at two years earlier when Hugh Quinn died. The reason I think it might be relevant is that, some 6 years earlier, in 1910, the Quinns had a nephew living with them - one Hugh O'Donnell.

Interesting, perhaps.

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I am fairly sure Nora O'Donnell Loftus is the sister of Hugh O'Donnell (my Grandfather). James died leaving Nora widowed with no children. In the 1950s she lived with her sister Annie Kelly and her family on 11 Street in Brooklyn. A sister Nellie (Ellen) the brother of Hugh's wife married and lived in Alberta Canada. There was another sister Beatrice who married another O'Donnell relative of Hugh's wife and lived in Brooklyn.