Friday, July 17, 2009


Via Fulton History, from the Brooklyn Eagle on Friday, November 8, 1901:

housework In a small family, by a girl. Call on
Mrs. QUINN. 332 Bergen st; top flat; no cards.

Hmm. . . in 1901, there's a girl in the Quinn household (they were living at 332 Bergen in the 1900 census) who's in need of a situation. Nora/Agnes would have been about 6, and Molly and Helen both much younger; certainly, even at the turn of the last century, you didn't hire out 6 year olds, did you? Or did you?

It occurs to me that this is much more likely to be an ad for the mysterious Anna, who would have been about 14 at the time, to go to work doing housework for a family.

We're beginning to know a good deal about this girl, although we don't yet know who she is.

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