Sunday, July 12, 2009

Michael Mulcahy Obituary

Michael Mulcahy
Michael Mulcahy of 85 Luqueer
street, a retired liquor dealer of the
old Twelfth Ward, where he was in
business for many years, died Saturday,
after a brief illness, and the
funeral will be held tomorrow morning
at 9:30 o'clock, with a requiem
mass in the R. C Church of St. Mary
Star of the Sea, of which deceased was
an old member. The interment will be
in Holy Cross Cemetery. Mr. Mulcahy
was born in Limerick, Ireland, and
settled in South Brooklyn in his early
youth. He was a member of the
Catholic Benevolent Legion. He is
survived by seven sons and two

Sometimes you get caught up seeing how far you can take your genealogical pursuits laterally that you forget to look for your direct antecedents. I just came across an obituary for Michael Mulcahy, my great-great-grandfather, that gives quite a personal picture of his life. Little phrases - "where he was in business for many years," "of which the deceased was an old member," "in his early youth" lend some personality and the adjectives really point out that these were things considered worth mentioning about him. The obituary appeared in the January 22, 1917 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and it was found via Fulton History.

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