Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Real Anna Rickert, 12/29/1937

This one is definitely Anna Rickert, Joseph's sister. She died December 28, 1937, at her brother Joseph's home. Apparently, 2 of their sisters became nuns. It's a pity we can't tell which ones, of course. The Rickert children included 1 priest, Alphonse, and 2 nuns, and the next generation produced at least two priests, as well - Loretta and Joseph's sons Joseph and Eugene were both priests. What a blessed family!

Anna Rickert
A solemn requiem mass will be
held Friday at 10 a.m. for Anna
Rickert, who died suddenly yesterday
at the home of her brother,
Joseph J. Rickert, 341 President St.,
in the St. Agnes R. C. Church, Hoyt
and Sackett Sts.
Miss Rickert, who was a practical
nurse, and a lifelong resident of
Brooklyn, is survived by three broth-
ers, Rev. Alphonse M. Rickert,
head of the Catholic Seamen's Institute,
Joseph J. and Frank . J .
Rickert; and three sisters, Sister
Therese Marie of Maryknoll, Sister
Margaret Elizabeth, S.S.J., and Mrs.
Lawrence J. Maier. Interment will
be in Holy Cross Cemetery.

This shows that of the Rickert siblings, only August A. had died by 1937. The 8 of them were 4 girls and 4 boys; of the boys, Alphonse, Joseph, and Frank survived through 1937, and other than Anna, all three of the girls were still alive, though we don't know - yet - who was Mrs. Lawrence Maier, who was Sr. Therese Marie, and who was Sr. Margaret Elizabeth.

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