Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Rickert Family in 1910

Here's Joseph Rickert's family when he was growing up. They're living at 118 Third Place. His parents were Michael and Elizabeth C. Rickert, and his many siblings were Anna M., b. 1894; August A., b. 1895; Francis J., b. 1889; Clara A., 1892; Alphonse M., b. 1894; Mary E., b. 1895; and Julia E., b. 1899. They also live with two of their cousins, Michael's nephew William J. Rickert and Elizabeth's nephew William B. Baker. Both parents were born in Pennsylvania, of German descent, and, interestingly, all the children were born in NY except Joseph, who was born in NJ. Other records I've come across suggest that some of his siblings were born in Buffalo, NY not in NYC. Michael is a Boatman for "Harbor Boating," Anna seems to be listed a "Costumer" at a store, though I don't know what that means, August is a Wallpaper Salesman at a Wholesale Store, Joseph is a Clerk at a Bank, and Francis is a Canvasser for a Magazine. None of the others kids work, although William Rickert is a Porter for a Publishing Office and William Baker is Clerk at a Railroad Office. Michael is working on his "Own Account," and the rest are "Workers."

Michael and Elizabeth have been married 29 years, meaning they married around 1881. They've had 9 children, 8 of whom are still alive.

If you notice, William B. Baker's mother was born in NY and his father was born in Pennsylvania. Since he's Elizabeth's nephew, and Elizabeth was born in Pennsylvania, it's reasonable to think that he's Elizabeth's brother's son, and thus that Elizabeth's maiden name was Baker.

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