Friday, July 10, 2009

Marriage of Loretta Madgan and Joseph Rickert

OR, How I'm So Good at Deduction

First, let me post the transcription of Loretta and Joseph Rickert's marriage certificate:

State of New York
Certificate and Record of Marriage
No. of Certificate 4084
Joseph J. Rickert and A. Loretta Madigan
Groom’s Residence: 40 4th Pl.
Age: 28
Color: W
Single, Widowed, or Divorced: S
Occupation: Salesman
Birthplace: Gutenberg, NJ
Father’s Name: Michael
Mother’s Maiden Name: Elizabeth Baker
Number of Groom’s Marriage: 1st
Bride’s Residence: 75 4th Pl.
Age: 27
Color: W
Single, Widowed, or Divorced: S
Maiden Name, if a Widow: --
Birthplace: Brooklyn
Father’s Name: Matthew
Mother’s Maiden Name: Joanna Roche
Number of Bride’s Marriage: 1st
I hereby certify that the above-named groom and bride were joined in Marriage by me, in accordance with the Laws of the State of New York, at St. Bernard’s Church, in th Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York, this 20th of April, 1915.

Signature of the person performing the Ceremony: James J. Kunz
Official Station: Clergyman
Residence: 651 Hicks St.
Witnesses to the Marriage:
William J. Rickert
Irene A. Deveney
We hereby certify that we are the Groom and Bride named in the Certificate, and that the information given therein is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Joseph J. Rickert, Groom
A. Loretta Madigan, Bride
Signed in the presence of

William J. Rickert
Irene A. Deveney
Now, what I think is so cool about this is that is totally backs up everything I've said lately. Well, two things, at least. Or, almost two things.

Remember when I hypothesized that Elizabeth Rickert's maiden name was Baker, because that was the last name of her nephew William, whose father had been born in the same state (PA) as she had? Well lookie here! Elizabeth's maiden name was Baker! Sometimes, I feel so freakin' smart!

And remember when I hypothesized that maybe Loretta's name was either Anna Loretta Madigan Rickert or Loretta Anna Madigan Rickert? This record, where she signs her name A. Loretta Madigan reinforces that a little more, I think, than all the many references to a Loretta A. Madigan.

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