Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's gorgeous out!

And that explains why posting's been so slow lately. When all it did was rain for weeks on end, I spent most of my free time inside, on the computer, doing internet genealogy. Now that it's sunny again, I'm working on getting my Vitamin D levels back up where they should be. I have, however, had some genealogical luck, and hope to see more on the horizon. At work yesterday, I was able to make copies of the naturalization papers of both great-grandpa Gatto and of Matthew Madigan. I'll try to scan those (I'm terrible at using a scanner) and post the actual images soon. I've also been alerted, via Dick's Genealogy and History Corner, that the 1905 NYS Census is online at the pilot! It's not indexed, only available for browsing, so it may be a good long time before anything comes of it, for me, but I'm very excited!

Anyway, back to the sun for me!

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