Saturday, August 1, 2009

1905 NYS Census - Mulcahy Family at 85 Luqueer St.

Ah, the first sweet fruits of the newly-available 1905 NYS Census via the pilot site! I didn't find it by myself, though - much credit goes to the Steve Morse "One-Step" Site, where this handy tool quickly and easily helps you figure out the Assembly District and Election District for a given address.

I first searched for 85 Luqueer St., and found it in AD/ED 9/13. This record shows the Mulcahy family as the first of the 5 families living at Number 85. It consist of Michael, 43; Mary, 36; eldest daughter Margaret, 15; James, 14; Matthew, 12; Joseph, 9; Michael, 6; Mary, 4; and John, 1. Gerard and Vincent were not yet born.

Michael says he's been in the US for 24 years; this would imply that he immigrated in 1881, which sounds reasonable, as I've never come across him on the 1880 Census. I also haven't ever found his immigration records. Michael is still listed as an alien, so according to this record, he hadn't naturalized yet. His occupation is listed as "Saloon," and Mary's is "Housework." The kids, from Margaret down through Papa (Joseph) are at school (Michael, Mary, and John are still "at home"). What I find particularly exciting about this is that their grades in school appear to be listed: Margaret is in 9th grade, James in 8th grade, Matthew in 6th grade, and Joseph in 2nd grade. Just imagine them heading off to school each morning!

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