Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Everyone doing her part

From the October 27, 1909 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, via Fulton History:

WANTED—Situation as general houseworker,
by a respectable young girl; willing and obliging.
Please call on Mrs. QUINN, 1468 Fulton
st, top flat. 27-2

And from the September 27, 1908 edition:

CHAMBERMAID and waitress, by a respectable
young girl. Please call at 1468 Fulton st.

The Quinns were living at 1468 Fulton St. in 1910, as well as in 1908-9, when Mary Gillen Quinn advertised that a "respectable young girl" was looking for a situation as a chambermaid and waitress and doing housework. This was likely either Agnes/Nora, who would have been about 13-14, or Molly, who was probably 11-12.

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