Friday, February 5, 2010

James Mulvaney's Death Certificate, 24 December 1972

Having covered many of the milestones of James Mulvaney's life in the past few weeks, from his birth to his marriage, to his military service to his heroics as a fireman, I'm now sharing his death certificate, also sent by his granddaughter Maureen.

James Mulvaney (aka James Joseph Mulvaney), died on Christmas Eve of 1972. His age is given as 78, and he was less than a month shy of 79. His wife Florence Goggin had predeceased him. His birthday is accurately given as 15 January 1894, which matches the date given on his baptismal certificate. His parents are Patrick Mulvaney and Julia Toner Mulvaney. James was Deputy Chief for the NYFD. The informant was his daughter Joan, with whom he shared an address: 66-11 Booth St., Rego Park, NY.

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