Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Lots of people get to have funny posts about the search terms that have brought visitors to their blogs, but I don't have any of those. No one gets here by searching for anything particularly unusual. There are a few search terms that have whetted my curiosity somewhat, though, and this post is directed at the people who have made those searches.

--"Thomas M. Murphy, Breezy Point NY"

Do you think that your searched-for Thomas M. Murphy is the son of Thomas Sr and Mary Ann Toner, the brother of John Murphy, Kathryn Murphy Keane, and Annie Murphy Dowd, who lived for a time with his aunt and uncle, Julia and Patrick Mulvaney? Contact me!

--"Thomas Mulvaney 1915"

Would your searched-for Thomas Mulvaney have been 13 in 1915? Were his parents Patrick Mulvaney and Julia Toner? Did he grow up to marry an Elizabeth? Contact me!

--"Harry Kunze 56 years old"

When was your searched-for Harry Kunze 56? In the mid-1980s? Or how about the mid-1950s? Was Helen Quinn Kunze his mother, or possibly his wife? Contact me!

--"Helen Kunze Brooklyn NY"

Was your searched-for Helen's maiden name Quinn? Did she marry Harry? Were her sons Harry and Robert? Was she born c. 1900? Contact me!

--"Charles Lanzillotto"

Were you searching for the Charles Lanzillotto who was born in 1894 outside of Bari, Italy? Who married Anna Cianciotta? Who died in 1969? Or even for one of his grandsons? Contact me!

--"Casserly NYPD 1920"

I can't help you. I do know that the Casserlys who were living at 85 Luqueer St. in 1900 were not in the NYPD, but I can't tell you what their children might have been doing 20 years later. I would, however, recommend that you see this post on Obtaining Genealogical Information on Ancestors who Served in the NYPD to see where to look for extensive information on the service careers of NYC policemen. I have it on good authority that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly himself is glad when their database gets used!

--"Judith Toner"/"Judith Tonner"

Most of you were looking for BBC weather girl Judith Tonner, whether you searched for her or for Judith Toner. And if you were searching for the BBC weather girl, I can't help you. (A Facebook fan page for her is here.) But if you were looking for Judith Toner, originally of Maynooth, County Kildare, and later of Brooklyn, NY, who died 14 August 1874, contact me!

--"Gerard Mulcahy Ann Danaher genealogy Brooklyn"

I'm not even going to ask questions about who you were searching for. You were searching for Uncle Gerard and his wife Ann. Did you see that I have Ann and Gerard's wedding picture? Contact me! No, really. We're related. Contact me!

How? Well, you can leave a comment on any post - I'll see it, I promise - or you can e-mail me at kathleen.scarlett.ohara AT (Replace the AT with an @.) I'd love to hear from you!

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