Tuesday, January 19, 2010

James Mulvaney's Baptismal Certificate

A few months ago, my long-lost cousin Maureen sent me a number of scanned photographs and documents from her branch of the Mulvaney family. Her grandfather James Mulvaney was the brother of my great-grandmother Veronica Mulvaney Mulcahy Hopkins. I've posted some of the pictures in the past, but am just getting around to posting the documents she sent me. (Read: I'm too busy with school to do any research, and it embarrasses me to see my blog lagging. So I'm posting Maureen's stuff instead!) I'd glanced at these, but since they just seemed pretty consistent with what I already knew, I didn't examine them closely. (Although some of the documents that will be posted in the coming days have some really cool information.) (Now if she's had Nana's birth certificate . . . if she had any idea when Nana was born . . . a different story entirely.) But, you know. Visitation Church, James Mulvaney, parents Julia Toner and Patrick. No news. (No news is not good news in genealogy, but documentation is always good news.)

What particularly caught my attention when I looked at this were the godparents. Patrick Harrington and Catherine Higgins? Sound familiar? I still haven't scanned Patrick and Julia's wedding certificate, which Betty and John sent me a copy of right when I first began to get interested in genealogy, but the transcription is here. The witnesses at their wedding were also the godparents of their first-born! I wish I knew who these Patrick Harrington and Catherine Higgins were!

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