Friday, January 8, 2010

Mark Gillan Naturalization 1894

Mark Gillan was my great-great-grandmother Mary Gillen's brother. (The family used both spellings, but apparently more used Gillan than Gillen.) He's pictured as an older man in yesterday's post. I found this in's Index to Naturalizations. Uncle Mark was naturalized in the Kings County Court on 9 October 1894. He was living at 332 Bergen Street, which is where he was living with the Quinns in 1900, as well. His witness is Hugh J. Quinn, his brother-in-law and Mary Gillen's husband, who also lives at 332 Bergen Street. Considering that the Quinns have been at a different address in each census I've found them in, just this little bit of information is a boon, since it means that they lived in the same place for at least 6 years - the 6 years that include the births of Aunt Agnes, Grandma Molly, and Aunt Helen! It will be very helpful for me to be able to figure out which local churches to contact to hopefully find baptismal records. Considering, too, that Mary and Hugh married in the year or two before Mark was naturalized, it may even lead to a marriage record! I wonder whether Uncle Mark's actual Declaration of Intent and Petition for Naturalization would include information about the Quinns he was living with? Should I order them?


Mary Gillan O'Malley said...

Yes, order them Katie.

Katie O. said...

Mary - if you check out the post from 5 April 2010, you'll see that when I was contacted by one of Patrick Gillen's descendants, he already had Mark Gillen's naturalization, and e-mailed it to me!