Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yeah, what ARE they for?

Why I like Ben more than Laura*:

[I'm reading comments on the last post]

Ben, looking over my shoulder: Wow, do people really read your blog?
Me: Apparently a couple actually do.
Ben: I mean, I know I read it--
Me: You do?
Ben: Of course. What are boyfriends for, if not to read your genealogy blog?

*And of course, it's safe to say so, because Ben actually does (apparently) read my blog, and Laura actually does not.


Michelle said...

I read your blog!! It's on my Google Reader, I read every new post. I am usually too intimidated by my complete lack of historical knowledge to comment.

Also, bravo Ben!! Jeff doesn't read my blog.

Greta Koehl said...

As my daughters would say - OMG - sounds like the comments I get from my daughters on blogging. They know with me, however, they have to play nice or I'll post an embarrassing picture or story about them.

Katie O. said...

Jeff doesn't read your blog? But it's about your wedding! To him!

Boys! [I'm rolling my eyes at him]

Gina said...

I like Ben, he's a funny guy :)