Friday, May 22, 2009

Malinda O'Hara Baptismal Certificate

So I've focused on the Mulcahy-Mulvaney-Madigan-Toner-Sullivan-Cullen-Rothwell side of the family, but I've been doing research on the O'Hara-Quinn-Gillen-King and the Gatto-Lanzilotto-D'Ingeo-Occhiogrosso side of the family, too, and I'd like to start including some of those records, as well.

Grandpa JJ, you may or may not know, had two younger sisters who died around 1910. Their names were Mary and Malinda. Just this morning, I received an e-mail from the church the O'Haras were attending in 1905, when Malinda was born, which is St. Augustine's in Brooklyn.

Malinda O'Hare
Born: April 6, 1905
Date of Baptism: April 16, 1905
Parents: John O'Hare and Mary King
Godparents: John King and Malinda McGlone

It appears that Malinda was named after her god-mother, who was, I assume, either a very close friend or a relative; maybe John or Mary had a sister named Malinda who married a McGlone? Her god-father is almost certainly her maternal uncle, Mary's brother. He was living with them in 1910, along with another brother (we assume), Martin King.

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Michelle {Things I Love} said...

St. Augustine's is in Park Slope! I know that church! It's three subway stops away!