Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thomas Murphy and Mary Toner

Again, from the "Old Fulton Postcards" newspaper website, here's some information that I think sheds light on one more of Julia Toner Mulvaney's sisters. We know one married a man named Murphy, because their sons were living with the Mulvaneys in 1910. We didn't know which sister that was, though, Mary or Judith (though I do sometimes think that Judith is actually Julia - but that's neither here nor there). I've just come across, though, this news item about young people attending the Verona Coterie, in 1877, when Mary Toner would have been about 25 years old. She appears to have attended this dance accompanied by Thomas Murphy. Aw, courtship.

Last evening the Verona Coterie held another
of their select reunions at the residence of
their President, Mr. William Gregg, corner of Van
Brunt and Verona streets. It was in every respect
an enjoyable affair, and, reflected 'great
credit upon the management. Among those present,
were Mr. John Curran, Mr. Thomas Sheridan
Mr. Michael Coffey, Mr. Thomas Converry and Miss
Mary Hayes, Mr. James Bond and .Miss Mary Idston,
Mr. James Ennls and Miss Bella Sweeney, Mr.
John McAuliffe and Miss Elizabeth Curran, Mr.
Thomas Murphy and Miss Mary Toner, Mr. Frank
Woods and Miss Jenny Briordy, Mr. James Downey
and wife. Captain Harris and Wife and Mr. James
Roche and lady. The officers of the Association
are; President, Mr. William Gregg; Vice President,
Mr. John Devoy; Recording Secretary, Mr.. James
Bona.; Treasurer, Mr. Thomas Converry.
[emphasis mine]
It now looks like the fortunes of the Toner children were as follows:
Julia (1) - died of cholera at 16
Mary Ann - married Thomas Murphy, had 4 children, died before they were all grown
Samuel - died suddenly at age 18
Elizabeth - married Thomas Loughlin, had several children, was widowed, married Thomas Renehan, took in Willie Mulvaney for an unspecified period of time, died in 1925
Louisa - married Mr. Deegan, died in 1918
William - was a troublesome teen, cut school at least once, may have died around the turn of the century (that's the next death certificate on my list)
Judith - unknown
James Thomas - died of cholera in 1866, at age 6 or younger
Julia (2) - married Patrick Mulvaney, had numerous children, raised 5 to adulthood, died in 1938

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jmg3 said...

Dear Katie,

I was reading your blog and thought you might like to know that Mr. Deegan left my great aunt Louise. He was apparently a button manufacturer or salesman. Hence, all the buttons your Nan had. She is buried in Holy Cross with Auntie Mae and Uncle Johnny. My grandmother, Julia, bought the grave to bury her sister, Louise. I always thought that her name was Louise, not Louisa, I think that the headstone says Louise. I'll look next time I'm in Brooklyn.

Also, I believe that Margaret Keene was the only child born to Julia's sister. Margaret was an Ursuline nun and was raised by Annie Murphy Dowd (my mother's first cousin.)

This is my first time using a computer in a long time and my first time ever writing a note to anyone. Hopefully, it all makes sense.

Love to you and Ben.