Monday, February 23, 2009

Other news

In other genealogical news, I'm very excited to have just received the naturalization papers of my maternal great-grandfather, Charles Lanzilotto. The Mulcahy-Mulvaney family mostly arrived so early that it's difficult to find their naturalization records (I've got a lead on Matthew Madigan, though, just have to figure out where the records are and how to get them), and older records tend to have less information - although I did already know most of what was on Grandpa Lanz's declaration and petition. The Toner and Mulvaney records may be too old for us to have much of a hope of finding them, if they even bothered to naturalize, but I've got my fingers crossed for the Mulcahy and Madigan records. (O'Hara and Quinn records should be easier to come by, too, because they arrived later, but have much more common names that make them hard to pick out of an index.)

I also searched the Brooklyn Eagle pretty thoroughly - though I have yet to page through the Death and Marriage Announcements for every day that's online - and didn't find anything particularly enlightening, beyond those few things I've posted over the past couple days. I specifically paged through the week after Julia and Patrick got married, hoping to find a marriage announcement, but had no luck. I'm still looking for Richard Toner's family in the 1880 census. They're not at 267 Van Brunt St., which is where they're also listed in the 1880 Brooklyn City Directory. The 1881 Brooklyn City Directory lists them at 84 Tremont St., so I have to look there, too. It's possible that the reason that they don't show up in the index is that they moved while the census was being taken, and so were missed in both spots.

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