Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mary Mulvaney and Peter Callahan

A little more Googling, and I came upon this interesting tidbit, dated October 26, 1918, courtesy of RootsWeb:

Peter J. CALLAHAN died on Wednesday at his home, 503 Fairview avenue,Ridgewood,
of pneumonia. He is survived by his widow, Mary E. MULVANEY, and four children,
Charles, Peter, Jane and Ellen; two brothers, Lawrence and John, and three
sisters, Mrs. M. LYNCH, Mrs. H. POSEN and Lillian. He was employed by the
Brooklyn Union Gas Company at the main office. He was a member of the Holy Name
Society of St. Brigid's R. C. Church, Linden street and St. Nicholas avenue, but
was formerly a member of St. Mary Star of the Sea Church, Court and Luqueer
street. Funeral on Monday at 2:30 p.m. under direction of J. J. CRONIN, of 115
Atlantic avenue.

Who on Earth are they? It doesn't quite seem like they're necessarily relatives; it was our Mulcahys who lived at 85 Luqueer St. and worshipped at St. Mary Star of the Sea, not our Mulvaneys, but it's still intriguing, though it possibly means nothing at all. Mary Mulvaney is definitely not Auntie Mae, but it does cross my mind to wonder who Patrick's sister Mary married, who their kids were, where they lived, and when they died. Just a little interesting obit with lots of "almost but not quite" ties to our family. See if you can draw any connections.

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John said...

This is strange and as you state "may not be related" but, there is a twist in that they may have lived near the Mulcahy's, since they both belonged to the same Parish on Court & Luquer Streets.


Betty doesn't remember ever hearing about her, but that doesn't mean much. Her mother didn't talk much about family.

However, she says that Harold was definitely hit in the back of his head and then knocked into river. Very suspicious! His mother, Julia Toner Mulvaney, believed that he was murdered. This was the rumor told around the neighborhood and by several of Harold's co-workers to Julia. There was also a large gash on Harold's head. STRANGE THIS WASN'T MENTIONED IN THE AUTOPSY!

Julia didn't want her sons, James or Thomas inquiring into the death of Harold, because she feared for their safety. I remember, my mother-in-law, your Great-grandmother, Veronica telling this same story, but we never inquired into why someone would have wanted Harold killed.

Enjoy reading all the information that you've uncovered.

John Griffin.