Monday, April 18, 2011

When a Family History Nerd Gets Married: The Bridal Shower

My fantastic sister Anna created this word search as a game for my bridal shower, which was a few weeks ago. As you can see, the list of words includes some of our favorite interests, like Ben's Redskins and my Yankees; the places we met, including Georgetown and Vital Vittles; and all of the surnames in our lineages!

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Jim's Girl said...

I love it! For our wedding reception, if people wanted us to kiss, they had to answer skill-testing questions about us and our bridal party. We called it "Matrimonial Pursuit." Now I realise some of the answers contain important family history information!

Hope all goes well with the wedding, but let me pass on advice from my cousin: something will go wrong. It's really best if you expect it, you freak out less. Our caterer was evicted from his kitchen the day before the wedding. It was FINE. Still, I didn't tell my betrothed about it until he had the plate of roast beef in front of him at the reception!