Monday, December 20, 2010

Wedding Photos

This post goes out primarily to my cousins - distant and not-so-distant - who may read this blog. Ben and I have decided that we'd like to include our* family history obsession in our wedding celebration, and so we're collecting the wedding pictures of our direct antecedents to incorporate into our decor. We have most pictures of our parents, grandparents, and some great-grandparents, but we'd like to collect as many as possible.

Some pictures we're looking for, if they exist - (some of these predate the widespread availability of photography, but it can't hurt to ask) :

Marilyn Mulcahy & William O'Hara
Veronica Mulvaney & Joseph Mulcahy
Mary Madigan & Michael Mulcahy
Margaret Sullivan & Matthew Madigan
Johanna Roche & Matthew Madigan (Johanna's not a direct antecedent, but I'll take what I can get)
Margaret Ryan & James Mulcahy
Julia Toner & Patrick Mulvaney
Bridget Rothwell & James Mulvaney
Mary Cullen & Richard Toner
Mary Quinn & John O'Hara
Mary King & John O'Hara
Bridget Hopkins & Michael King
Margaret C---- & Nicholas King
Bridget Kearney & Patrick O'Hara
Mary Gillen & Hugh Quinn
Mary Nora Grimes & Martin Gillen 

If you happen to have photos - preferably wedding photos, but other photos of the couples named would be appreciated, too - please contact me at kathleen.scarlett.ohara AT gmail DOT com.

*we're getting married. I can start saying "we" are obsessed with genealogy now, right?

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