Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Family History Goals

I'm not nearly as organized in my research as I should be. For 2010, I'm trying to come up with a few specific research questions to answer, and I intend to devote much of my research time to those questions. I know I'm supposed to focus on one line at a time, but frankly, for me, that's a recipe for getting bored and giving up, so I'm trying to come up with one primary question for each of a few different lines.

1. Who were Matthew Madigan's parents?
2. Who built the house at 85 Luqueer Street?
3. When did Richard Toner die?
4. What killed Patricia Mary Gillan Chase Marra and her daughters, Patricia and Michele Elizabeth Chase, on New Year's Eve, 1947?
5. What happened to Mary Mulvany?
6. Where was Mary D'Ingeo Gatto born?
7. Who were Hugh Quinn's parents?

To answer these questions, I would like to:

Finally visit my local Family History Center
Visit the Brooklyn Historical Society
Visit the NYPL's Milstein Division
Visit the various research rooms in the downtown Brooklyn county government complex
Devote some time to browsing the Brazil Catholic Church Records and the Brazil, Sao Paolo Burial Records at
Familiarize myself with Florida genealogy

Family History Related Personal Goals:

Get a job, so I can once again afford to order the records I need
Create vital records for my descendants to find! (namely, a marriage license and marriage record, this coming April!)


DianaR said...

I like that you not only have a list of the goals, but also what you are going to DO to help accomplish those goals!! I am always great at coming up with lists of what I'd like to do but need to follow through with the plans to actually do them

Katie O. said...

Thanks, Diana!

Of course, my plans of what to do to accomplish my goals need to be a good deal more detailed before they'll do me much good!

Janice said...

Having money to pay for our genealogical services and documents is GOOD! :) When I started my research about 33 years ago, I put it in my monthly budget and I think I could afford one document every 3 months (those were the days before Ancestry heh), and postage was a kicker. You have a nice plan.

Jan at Cow Hampshire