Monday, November 24, 2008


If any of you pay particularly close attention to this blog, you may have noticed that post labels have changed a little. I decided this morning that the way I was doing things was inconsistent and poor practice. From here on out, all women referred to in the blog will be identified in the labels by their full first, maiden, and last name. I'd been referring to some by their maiden names (e.g. Mary Ann Madigan) and others by their married names (e.g. Julia Mulvaney), but I've changed all the labels so that now the full name is included (e.g. Mary Ann Madigan Mulcahy and Julia Toner Mulvaney).

You can see, however, that among the labels (listed on the sidebar to the right) are both Julia Toner and Julia Toner Mulvaney. This is because one refers to our Nana's mother, Julia Toner Mulvaney, wife of Patrick Mulvaney. The other refers to Julia Toner, who we think may have been her older sister, who died at 16 of cholera along with her little brother James Thomas.

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