Saturday, November 8, 2008

1900 Census - Mulcahy Family at 85 Luqueer St.

This post will deviate from the format I've used in the past. Why? Because the 1900 census doesn't show the Mulcahy family at 85 Luqueer St. It doesn't show them anywhere, according to name searches at, and when I specifically looked through the 1900 census of Brooklyn (Ward 12, District 172) to find 85 Luqueer St. (Image 50 on Ancestry), I found that there were neither Mulcahys nor Madigans living there. I have no idea why. Could the census take just have missed them? It's entirely possible. Could this have something to do with the trip to Ireland we spoke about in the last post? If so, that was a much more significant trip (5 years, at least!) than I would have imagined, and I can't believe we wouldn't have known more about Papa's 5 years in Ireland. A possibility is that Matthew Madigan had just died, or moved out, and the Mulcahys had not yet moved into the house he used to live in - in that case, though, the Mulcahys should show up in whatever household they're living in at the time, unless it just so happened that 85 Luqueer St. was visited by the census taker the day before they moved in, and their old home visited the day after they left. Unlikely, but possible. Does anyone know whether Papa was born at 85 Luqueer St. or in a different house? That would help determine when they began living there, so we would know whether they'd disappeared, or just hadn't moved in yet.

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