Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've been doing a good deal of basic genealogical research lately, mostly online through I've concentrated a good deal on the Mulcahy/Mulvaney side of the family, so for now, that's what I may be focusing on. This is, more than anything else, because it's a lot easier to figure out which Veronica Mulcahy is Nana when there's only one of her than to figure out which Mary O'Hara is Grandma Molly when there are hundreds of them. I have found some O'Hara/Quinn records of course, and I will post them so you can see them. (Gatto/Lanzilotto records are much harder to come by, as they're in Italy only a generation or two back, but I do have some 1930s census records - I'm not completely biased towards the Irish.)

I'm not so confident in everyone's interest in this stuff that I think you'd all want individual e-mails from me every time I come across someone who might be somehow related to us on some census, but I did think that some of you might have some general interest, so I'm creating this blog. This way, you can all check in any time you're interested in what new family history we may have discovered. (I also intend to make this blog private as soon as I figure out how - I think it's unlikely that someone will use Patrick Mulvaney's 1850s birthdate to steal anyone's identity or defraud any of us, but it can't hurt to be cautious. I may have already done this by the time I link you.)

The best way to do genealogy is to start at the most recent, with what you know for sure, and move backwards to what you're learning for the first time, so what I post will begin with the most recent records available (generally the 1930 census records, sometimes things more recent than that), and move backwards through the stuff I already know to what I'm learning for the first time.

Another big purpose of this blog is for us all to learn more. If I post something about Nana or Papa, and you have any information to add, please LET ME KNOW! The more information we have, the more stories we know, the more the past comes to life.

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