Monday, October 27, 2008

Nana and Papa's Honeymoon

This is the passenger manifest of the ship Nana and Papa were on when they returned from their honeymoon to Bermuda in 1929. It's dated October 22, 1929, and as far as I know, Nana and Papa were married October 12, 1929. This is the list of U.S. citizens - immigrants were presumably on a different page of the manifest. The ages given are 23 and 33, and birth years are 1906 and 1895, for Nana and Papa, respectively. Their address is still 648 83rd St., Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

10 years different... hmm.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that they moved to Flatbush only because of the Verrazano, or more precisely, because a friend misjudged the proximity of the future bridge to the new, also in Bay Ridge, home they planned to buy? And so they ended up in Flatbush. I like the small anecdotes like that. This one is word of mouth. Yours are drawn from ancient archives. But the story you have pieced together, you should put it into a book.

Kathleen Scarlett O'Hara Naylor said...

Anonymous - that's a great story that I hadn't heard before! But do you mind if I ask . . . who are you?