Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Ancestors Geneameme

Here's my participation in the new geneameme from Geniaus:

The list should be annotated in the following manner:
Things you have already done or found: bold face type
Things you would like to do or find: italicize (colour optional)
Things you haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type

You are encouraged to add extra comments in brackets after each item 

Which of these apply to you?
  1.  Can name my 16 great-great-grandparents [yes, but one of them is still hearsay - hearsay I trust, but undocumented nonetheless]
  2.  Can name over 50 direct ancestors [I just counted; I can get to 49! Argh!]
  3.  Have photographs or portraits of my 8 great-grandparents [I'm counting this a yes, because I can picture photographs of each of them, but I realized many of those reside with my parents or grandparents; I'll have to make a point of getting copies for myself.]
  4.  Have an ancestor who was married more than three times [The most known marriages in my direct line is an underwhelming 2]
  5.  Have an ancestor who was a bigamist [Not as far as I know, at least!]
  6.  Met all four of my grandparents
  7.  Met one or more of my great-grandparents [I met 2]
  8.  Named a child after an ancestor [Give me a couple years to work on this one!]
  9.  Bear an ancestor's given name/s [Is it too late to italicize this one? I love my name, but I also think it's ironic that as the family historian, I'm the only one of my siblings without a family name.]
  10.  Have an ancestor from Great Britain or Ireland
  11.  Have an ancestor from Asia
  12.  Have an ancestor from Continental Europe
  13.  Have an ancestor from Africa [At some point, don't we all? Still working on finding him though. Where are Neolithic vital records held?]
  14.  Have an ancestor who was an agricultural labourer
  15.  Have an ancestor who had large land holdings 
  16.  Have an ancestor who was a holy man - minister, priest, rabbi [Not a direct ancestor, but I'll count it, since priests can't be direct ancestors, anyway.]
  17.  Have an ancestor who was a midwife
  18.  Have an ancestor who was an author
  19.  Have an ancestor with the surname Smith, Murphy or Jones [Yes, my Murphys lived in city crowded full of Irish immigrants. That's a lot of fun.]
  20.  Have an ancestor with the surname Wong, Kim, Suzuki or Ng
  21.  Have an ancestor with a surname beginning with X
  22.  Have an ancestor with a forename beginnining with Z
  23.  Have an ancestor born on 25th December [I have a 3x great uncle who was baptized on 25 Dec; he probably wasn't born that day, but it's a possibility.]
  24. Have an ancestor born on New Year's Day
  25.  Have blue blood in your family lines
  26.  Have a parent who was born in a country different from my country of birth
  27.  Have a grandparent who was born in a country different from my country of birth
  28.  Can trace a direct family line back to the eighteenth century [Things get murky right around the turn of the century, but I do have two lines where I know at least something about an ancestor born in the late 18th c. - even if that doesn't always include his name!]
  29.  Can trace a direct family line back to the seventeenth century or earlier
  30.  Have seen copies of the signatures of some of my great-grandparents
  31.  Have ancestors who signed their marriage certificate with an X [I'm sure I do, I just haven't seen it yet.]
  32.  Have a grandparent or earlier ancestor who went to university [Both my grandparents on my father's side went to college - my grandmother to be a teacher, and my grandfather went on to get his MBA, I believe.]
  33.  Have an ancestor who was convicted of a criminal offence [Family stories say yes, but I'm still looking for evidence]
  34.  Have an ancestor who was a victim of crime [A few relatively mundane recent crimes, and one rather tragic, sensational 19th century crime that I'm working out the details of before I share it publicly.]
  35.  Have shared an ancestor's story online or in a magazine (Tell us where) [Does right here on my blog count?]
  36.  Have published a family history online or in print (Details please) [I'd love to, one day.]
  37.  Have visited an ancestor's home from the 19th or earlier centuries [Not yet, but it's in the works - probably in 2 weeks or so! Wait for my post about the incredible serendipity that brought it about!]
  38.  Still have an ancestor's home from the 19th or earlier centuries in the family [I wish!]
  39.  Have a  family bible from the 19th Century [I wish!]
  40.  Have a pre-19th century family bible [I wish!]

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Geniaus said...

Katie, Thanks for joining the meme challenge.
You could always change your name by deed poll ;-))