Saturday, December 26, 2009

Grandpa Lanzillotto WWI Draft Registration Card

Here's the image of Grandpa Lanzillotto's WWI draft registration card. He registered in Precinct 63 of The Bronx on 5 June 1917. His name is given as Carmine Lanzillotta. He was 23, and his birthday was 16 July 1894. You can see that he ended up skipping the first line, and cramming his name and address onto to the second line. His address was 281 E. 155th St. He was not yet a citizen, and had been born in Bitetto, Bari, Italy. He owned his own business (which was in ice, though he doesn't say so here), though I'm having a difficult time reading the address of the business.

He listed his parents as dependents, as he was single at the time. He was Caucasian, of medium build and complexion, with brown eyes, black hair, and no identifying marks.

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