Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grandpa Lanzillotto Naturalization Papers

These are Grandpa Lanzillotto (Charles Lanzillotto)'s naturalization papers. He was naturalized 20 October 1919. He gives his name as Charles Lanzillatta (not Carmine) (though he later signs it Charlie Lanzillotto) and his address is 281 E. 155 St. He's a merchant (he sold ice), and his birthday was 16 July 1894 in Bari. According to this document, when he immigrated, the trip took from 7 February 1908 to 20 February 1908, on the Verona. His witnesses are Francesco Dalmato and Angelo Giordano, both of whom are merchants and both of whom also live at 281 E 155. Francesco Dalmato signed his own name, but Angelo Giordano couldn't and made an X instead.

The next page offers no new information, other than that the certificate number is listed (1291526), but it's where Grandpa Lanzillotto swears his allegiance to America and is admitted to become a citizen of the United States.

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