Friday, December 5, 2008

John Griffin Jr. sent me this picture last night - he's the baby, being held by Nana, and Auntie Mae is in the background. He sent a few more pictures, too, and I hope to be posting those soon.

The picture was taken at John's first birthday, in April of 1973.

John added this comment: "Auntie Mae is where we get our wunderlust from, or at least where I get it from, she always used to bring us back something from her vacations across the world!"

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jmg11563 said...


A little side ... In the photo of Nana, Auntie Mae & son John, there is a lamp behind Nana that was made by a Grace MULVANEY JONES ( daughter of a Thomas & Elizabeth MULVANEY. It is a green ceramic lamp she made for Betty & I when we bought our house in Mystic Islands, NJ ... It was of a pair that she made for us ... We still have that lamp.